Can I create a survey/quiz?

Learn how to connect polls to each other using the linking feature

By Akbar

To create a survey you will need at least two polls created.

In order to link two questions to each other in a survey, please select the one which will go first and click "Edit".

You can also connect a poll that you are just creating to another poll the same way.

Ensure the Web feature is enabled for your poll.

  1. In the poll editing screen select the Web and click Advanced Settings.



  2. After opening the Advanced Settings, scroll down until you see the "Link Poll" section and click the yellow "Link Poll" button.



  3. You will see a pop-up window with all of the linking options available, as below.

To connect your poll to another poll, select the next poll from the "Next Poll" drop-down area and add a button label. That label is for the button that takes you to the next poll.

After you set up your next poll, click "Save Links" and then launch or save your poll.

After doing this, once someone votes in your poll they will see the button in the results screen, and by tapping it the voter will go to the next poll.

Please note that if the results are disabled for your poll, the voters will be taken to the next one immediately upon vote.

You’re ready to create your first survey in Digital Joy Engage!

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