How can I add & update my chat users?

Learn how to add and update your chat user's profile

  1. To create a user, go to "Admin dashboard" -> "Users"
  2. Click on the "Add User" button
  3. Fill in the user information and choose an avatar for them.  (They can change it later if they don't like it. 😀)
  4. If you want to identify the user as a host or sponsor, click on the "Sponsor" checkbox.
  5. A user identified as a sponsor will appear with a tick icon beside the user name in the chat to indicate to other participants who they are.
  6. Click "Create" to finish adding the user.
  7. To edit the user's information, click on the "Pencil" button beside the user name. 
  8. To delete a user, click on the "Remove" button.
  9. To provide a login link to a user so that person will not need to log in to the chat, click on the Link Chain icon.