How can I create an engagement using the Poll Groups?

Learn to create more than a one-question quiz, survey, poll, or other using the Poll Groups feature.

To create an engagement using the Poll Groups feature, you must be on an Engage paid subscription plan.  If you are on a free plan, you can  click here to learn how to upgrade your plan.

If you are subscribed to a paid plan, follow the steps below to create a Poll Group:

  1. To enable the Poll Groups, go to the 'Advanced Settings' option on the left menu. 
  2. Toggle on the 'Enable Poll Groups' option
  3. You will see the poll groups menu options on the left panel change from Polls to Poll Groups. 
    If you would like to create a single poll afterwards, toggle off the 'Enable Poll Groups' option. 
    Note: It can be either a poll or poll groups that can be run at one time
  4. To start a new Poll Group click on the 'Create New Poll Group' button in the top right corner of the main dashboard.
  5. Next, enter the label & optional image for your Poll Group.

    You can also upload an optional image* to your Poll Group by clicking the image button beside the label field. The uploaded image will appear on the left side of the Poll Group label field
  6. If there is sponsor for your poll groups, you can their message that will appear on the top part of the poll groups page.
  7. Click the '+ Add Poll' button to add a poll to the poll group
  8. You have the option to add either a multiple-choice poll or an open-ended poll. 
  9. To add a multiple-choice poll, click on the Multiple Choice button.  
    1. Fill in the Question field. Use the image button to upload an optional header image for the question.  
    2. If your question has a description, fill in the description field
    3. Next, add the answer options for the poll. This can be answers for a quiz question, feedback options for a survey, or the name of a candidate for a poll.
      Use the image button to upload an image* for the option. After the image is uploaded it will appear on the left side of the option

      The image will appear in the poll page as followings:

      If the poll question has a correct answer, use the tick button to choose the answer that represents the correct one.  

      To add more options, click on the 'Add Option' button
  10. If you would like to add an open-ended question, click on the 'Open-Ended' button

    1.  Repeat steps 6(b) & 6(b) to add your question & description.
    2. You can optionally add a header image* with your poll. Using a header image allows people to understand visually about your poll question. Click the image button beside the poll question field to upload an image. It will appear on left side of the field once uploaded. 

      Your participant can then see the image above your poll question
    3. If the question has a correct answer, fill in the options field. 
  11. To make a question mandatory, toggle on the 'Required' switch
  12. To move the order of the question, click and hold the arrow button to drag the question to the required position.  
  13. To delete a question, click on the trash bin button  
  14. Use the Advanced Settings button to customize your Poll Group. 

    1. You can customize the... 
      1. Background image of the Poll Groups page. This is useful for example you would like to add branding to the page
      2. Font family
      3. Text color
      4. Multiple choice options button corner style
      5. Other advance   settings include the ones to be used if you want to create gamified quizzes or trivia where people can participate and score points. Click here to learn how to create this type of Poll Group. 
      6. Click Done to save your settings
  15. To save and launch your poll group immediately, click on the 'Save &  Launch button'
  16. If you would like to save only the poll group, click the upward arrow button and select the 'Save' option
  17. To exit the Poll Group edit page, click on the 'Exit' button.  

*Image dimensions is not fixed and should be maximum of 10mb in file size