How do I create a poll in Digital Joy Engage?

Learn how to use the Poll Wizard to easily create your poll

Need some help getting started to create your first poll? Follow the step-by-step video tutorial below to familiarize yourself with the Digital Joy Engage Poll Wizard.

HubSpot Video


  1. To start, click on the Create Poll button
  2. Next choose the type of poll that you want to create 
  3. The character limit for open ended and word cloud question type answers are as following:
    1. Open Ended Poll - 300
    2. Word Cloud Poll - 25
  4. Then select the voting methods
  5. Click 'Next: Polling Data' to start filling in your poll data 
  6. Click the Advanced Settings to configure the followings:

  7. Click Next to go to the Visual Settings to configure the followings

    1. Template - how your poll question will look like.
    2. Background - add background to your poll.
    3. Font type - select font for your poll.
    4. Colors - choose colors for:
      1. Question Text
      2. Answer Background*
      3. Answer Text*
    5. Corner style* - Choose the option button's corner style
  8. The Template Preview panel automatically updates every time changes are made to the poll
  9. Click 'Next: Preview & Launch' to preview your poll details
  10. Once all is ready, click 'Create & Go Live' to activate your poll
    1. Alternatively you can also either choose to just Create your poll without launching it, or
    2. Schedule your poll to start at a later time & date


Note: Settings mark with asterisk (*) symbol are only applicable to multiple choice poll type