How do I share my poll with my audience?

Share the poll link with your friends without using any event code.

Sharing the poll link is viable for web voting only.

Despite the fact of how many questions you have that your audience would need to participate in, single or multiple, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Create poll

  • Launch poll

  • Go to

  • In the event code field insert your event code*

  • Copy-paste the link of that page and use it to share with your audience

  • The link will show the poll that is active (you can have only one active poll at a time)

  • You can control what to be visible when no poll is active**

  • If you want questions to go live one after another without any delay, then you can link your questions.*** This way, you won’t need to activate each question in your poll-chain.


*Learn what an event code is and how to find it.

**Learn how to control your page visibility when no poll is active.

***Learn how to link your questions.