What is the Presentation Page for?

The Presentation Mode is a location inside your account designed to show the voting instructions and the poll results. The Presentation Mode also contains some presentation and poll controls, such as:

  1. Question control and navigation - start / stop your poll, switch to other questions with “<“ and “>” buttons

  2. Switch from absolute numbers and percentage breakdown view

  3. Results - hide or show results

  4. Instructions - hide or display detailed instructions on how to vote

  5. Go full-screen (hides browser UI and lets the presentation mode cover the entire screen)

  6. Sidebar - opens the sidebar with more useful tools


  7. Bar and Background colors - select bar and background color

  8. Upload background image

  9. Upload Logo

  10. Text - select font and font color

  11. Dark mode switcher - enable or disable the dark mode depending on the lighting conditions of your venue / room (where the presentation takes place)

  12. Show total votes

There is one Presentation Mode page for each of the polls you create.

If the URL of the Presentation Mode is accessed with a browser where you are not logged in to your account, the poll results won't be shown.

You can also embed the Presentation Mode on your website or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Read more on how to insert your poll results in a PowerPoint presentation here.