Can my audience send questions during my presentation?

Collect questions live while you are polling. A

Yes! We have introduced a new feature - Audience Q&A, that allows you to collect questions parallel to running polls. You didn't mishear, PARALLEL!

Let's explore how to get it working.

You'll see Audience Q&A on the left navbar of your dashboard.

By default, this feature will be Enabled.

To submit a question, your audience needs to:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Event Code

  3. If you have an active poll, then they will see a header with Polls and Q&A.

They would need to choose Q&A to submit a question.

They can choose to disclose their name or keep it anonymous.

If there is no active poll, then you will see the Q&A page right away.

Note: Audience Q&A allows submitting questions only through web/online. If you want to collect questions by SMS, then use an open-ended type of question.

Learn more about Audience Q&A settings.