Can my users respond to the same question multiple times?


Each poll has a feature called Number of Votes allowed per device. This feature allows limiting voting from once up until unlimited.

The default setting for polls is "1 response per device". This means that from one phone number only one vote will be accepted, and one vote will be accepted on the web too.

Important: When this limit is enabled, the same person can vote by both SMS and web, because there is no way of tracking the same person across voting channels and identifying if that person has already voted through one of the mediums.


  • You can change that limit using our slider and set it to a custom amount:


  • If you don't want to impose any limits, then set it to Unlimited:


  • Additionally, you can restrict the voting limit to apply per poll, per month, per week, per day, or per hour.



  • Select Next Gen template from the bottom right panel



  • Scroll down and activate Select multiple options

  • Close the window and Save or Launch your poll.

You're all set!