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Digital Joy provides cloud native products to create content, inspire and engage audiences.   For teams small to large, Digital Joy delivers powerful, intuitive, easy to use, end-to-end solutions utilizing the latest technologies. 

Digital Joy Engage

Digital Joy Engage provides truly live results that update on the presentation screen in real-time. Present your poll results live within Digital Joy’s Engage dashboard or by using our Microsoft PowerPoint integration.

Engaging your audience in your story is effortless with truly interactive real-time audience polling quizzes, trivia, and more.  Inform, Engage and Entertain your audience.

With instant audience responses, you can add a personal touch to your presentation and easily navigate questions or concerns as they come up.

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Digital Joy Chat

Introducing the ultimate online chat interface. Boost audience engagement and enrich the user experience with the group and direct online group chat capabilities.

A new standard in online user engagement is now available for your business or organization! Boost audience engagement and enrich the user experience with the group and direct online group chat capabilities.

No matter who you want to connect and share with, Digital Joy Chat is the quick and easy-to-use online chat tool you need to do it!

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Digital Joy Events

Digital Joy Events is a virtual event platform that allows you to create custom branded virtual events with tools and features to engage and ignite your audience.

All of your virtual event needs are taken care of! You’ll have a smooth and successful event, from getting your event up and running to ensuring you have all the tools to engage your audience. Digital Joy covers it all for you

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Digital Joy Live (coming soon)

Your video broadcasts can be more seamless than ever before with live streaming tools that help you access your content live from anywhere so you can collaborate globally and stream instantaneously.

Cloud – Based Production, Editing and Distribution for Live Videos designed and created for small teams. 

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Digital Joy Studio (coming soon)

Digital Joy Studio is a content creator’s dream come true. A cloud-based turnkey video production and distribution platform empowering customers with the tools to ingest, manage and edit live and on-demand broadcast-quality content for multi-platform over-the-top (OTT) destinations, including social media, Connected TV (CTV), mobile apps, and websites.

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